Berisha met with the leaders of the allied parties, they agree to come up with a common candidate in the elections

20:11 05/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, met with the heads of allied parties. The DP’s press office announces that in this meeting the cooperation for the next local elections was discussed and it was agreed that they will go to the elections with a common candidate. PD announces that the chief … Read more

CEC, 3 requests to change the Code

19:50 05/10/2022 “Apolitical Commissions, Third-Party Funding and Campaigning” The Central Election Commission, through a letter addressed to the Special Parliamentary Commission on Electoral Reform, requests the amendment of the Code in three main issues, the financing of parties, the composition of commissions and the limitation of the use of public assets during the electoral campaign … Read more

The Hospital of Internal Diseases at QSUT, Rama, is nearing completion: It will further raise the level of the health service

19:26 05/10/2022 The new Internal Medicine Hospital at QSUT is nearing completion. Prime Minister Edi Rama together with the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu have been to the premises of this hospital to inspect it. In his post on Facebook, where he accompanies the images from the inspection of the hospital, Prime Minister Rama writes … Read more

MPs supporting Alibeaj submit the draft law on “Territorial”

16:52 05/10/2022 As they had warned, a group of deputies of the Democratic Party submitted to the Assembly the bill for the new territorial division. The co-chair of the Territorial Reform Commission, Dhurata Çupi, said that the initiative filed in the Assembly envisages an increase of 33 in the number of municipalities from the current … Read more

Tabaku in favor of Berisha’s proposal for “Territorial”

16:38 05/10/2022 The democratic deputy also clarified the meeting with the ambassadors in the presidency of the Assembly Immediately after the ambassadors left the presidency of the Assembly, the democratic deputy, Jorida Tabaku, revealed in Klan News the meeting she and her colleagues had with them. “They were informed about the pro efforts and the … Read more

DP MPs meeting with ambassadors in Tirana

13:26 05/10/2022 In the Presidency of the Assembly, 7 DP deputies met with 8 ambassadors of different countries in Tirana. The ambassadors of the USA, EU, OSCE, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and the deputy ambassador of Great Britain were present at the meeting. While from the group of the Democratic Party, Enkelejd Alibeaj, Jorida Tabaku, … Read more

Fan arrested outside Anfield after clashing with police ahead of Liverpool v Rangers

Fan arrested outside Anfield after clashing with police ahead of Champions League fixture between Liverpool and Rangers while police investigate several Liverpool murals being damaged At least one fan has been arrested outside Anfield after clashes with police  Rangers fans arrived in their numbers ahead of Champions League clash Police are investigating following damage to … Read more

Milva Ekonomi: The fiscal amnesty will be temporary

19:29 04/10/2022 Economy Minister: We will convince international partners, politicians do not benefit The legalization of the money of Albanians working abroad and their introduction into the Albanian economy remains a challenge for the government, despite the skepticism shown by international partners, the USA and the EU. The Minister of State for Service Standards, Milva … Read more