Book tip: Healthy summer kitchen

Dr. med. Anne Fleck is now known throughout Germany through the series “The Nutrition Docs” and through her books. Her new book “Healthy Summer Kitchen” has now been published.

Current nutritional research

Dr. med. Anne Fleck explains in the book “Healthy Summer Kitchen” what healthy eating means to her and is based on the latest scientific findings. For example, she thinks the right fat is extremely important and healthy for the body. However, the “knowledge” that makes fat fat persists in many minds.

Current nutritional research is reflected in the recipes developed by top chef Su Vössing. The recipes contain little carbohydrates and healthy fats. The special thing about it: the recipes not only look good, they are also easy to prepare.

Enjoyment is never neglected.

Leek cake with broccoli base

Eating in the warm season

Many people have less appetite in the warm months and sometimes don’t know what to eat best. Salad , soup or a hearty meal? This book offers the solution for this. The recipes are designed for a light and varied diet that is particularly suitable for the warm season. In addition to the latest findings from nutritional science, the recipes also take into account the basics of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Means: The recipes for summer have a cooling effect on the body. People who are sensitive to heat can get a good night’s sleep through the appropriate diet and feel fit and productive.

To get an overview of cooling and warming foods according to TCM, the book provides an overview. For example, green tea, lettuce and oranges have a cooling effect, contrary to what one might suspect, while peppers , coffee and millet have a warming effect.

In the recipe section of the book, recipes such as “Cold strawberry soup”, “Ice-cold asparagus soup”, “Quinoa salad with grilled halloumi”, “Aubergine pizzas” or “Red fruit sorbet” convince. The book is perfect for people who not only fancy tasty recipes, but who also want to learn and implement nutritional knowledge that is easy to understand.

Tip: If you register on the Becker Joest Volk Verlag website, you can have the nutritional values ​​of each recipe displayed and the appropriate portion quantities.