Travel planning: Apply for a visa for Australia

Experience kangaroos live and throw a boomerang into the vastness at least once in your life – Australia is not only worth a trip because of this. The country, which is known to be a whole continent, attracts millions of tourists every year. It promises adventure and a lot of freedom. However, before Europeans can enjoy this freedom, they need a visa. Fortunately, applying for this visa is child’s play. And it also goes online.

Visa requirements for Europeans: these are the rules

As a European, you cannot enter Australia without a visa. It is something like the entry ticket to the country. Depending on the reason for the trip, different visas are required. For those who want to go on vacation there, the so-called “eVisitor, subclass 651” is the right visa for Australia. It is valid for twelve months from the date of issue and entitles you to stay in the country for a maximum of three months. This is normally sufficient for tourist purposes. The application must be made before departure and outside of Australia. Most airlines check when checking in whether they have a valid visa. If this is not the case, access to the machine is denied. By the way: In addition to the visa, a valid passport is also required. The period of validity must include at least the time during which you want to go on holiday in Australia.

Visa application – child’s play and amazingly fast

If you want to apply for a visa for Australia, you do not need to go to the Australian embassy or consulate. Rather, it is easy to apply for the visa online . To do this, some personal data must be entered in an application form. The data must be identical to that from the passport. And yes, it is asked, among other things, whether the traveler has tuberculosis or a criminal conviction. Once the application has been completed, it is simply sent online. As a rule, you will immediately receive a confirmation by email, which in most cases already contains the visa. The whole procedure is therefore child’s play and is carried out amazingly quickly.

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