Anchovies are Britons’ most-hated food

Anchovies are Britons’ most-hated food closely followed by oysters, black pudding and blue cheese in poll

  • Anchovies have been voted the most hated snacks by fussy Brits in a new survey
  • Fish features highly – oysters, sardines and mackeral are on the list of hated food 
  • Blue cheese, Brussels sprouts and black puddings also top the least favourite list

Anchovies have been voted the most hated food ever by fussy Brits – beating Brussels sprouts, black pudding and gherkins to the top of the most disgusting snacks.  

Fish also featured highly on the list of most hated products, with Brits slamming sardines and mackeral as some of the most hated foods. 

Far from being the food of love, oysters also came in as the second most hated food. 

Anchovies have been voted the most hated food ever by fussy Brits – beating Brussels sprouts, black pudding and gherkins to the top of the most disgusting snacks

A poll asked 2,000 Brits to reveal the three most disgusting things they had ever eaten, and the small oily fish came out top of the league.

Somewhat surprisingly, Christmas pudding and mince pies found a place in the 15 worst foods ever – along with the humble Brussels sprout.

The little green sprouts have divided the nation for years over whether the veg is a staple on the Christmas dinner table or should be banned from the festive feast. 

Pungent cheeses such as blue and goats cheese also featured on the list of most hated foods. 

Fish, pickles and sprouts: Britain’s most hated foods

Asked to choose a trio of their most hated foods, Brits chose the following: 

1 . Anchovies – 43 per cent

2. Oysters – 40 per cent

3. Black pudding – 38 per cent

4. Blue cheese – 35 per cent

5. Sardines – 30 per cent

6. Mackerel – 29 per cent

7. Olives – 28 per cent

8. Goat’s cheese – 28 per cent

9. Avocado – 24 per cent

10. Gherkins – 21 per cent

11. Christmas pudding – 20 per cent

12. Salmon – 17 per centy

13. Brussels sprout – 16 per cent

14. Mince pie – 16 per cent

15. Chilli – 13 per cent

A spokesman for blue cheese maker Blacksticks Blue, who carried out the poll, said that 55 per cent confessed to sneaking the offending morsel into the bin. 

A total of 38 per cent admitted feeding grub they didn’t like to their pet dog or cat – with 35 per cent hiding it ‘somewhere’ else, like a pot plant or flinging it out of the window.

Matthew Hall, the owner of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses – which makes Blacksticks Blue cheese, said today: ‘It’s time to break down the fear factor.

‘Foods like blue cheese, anchovies or olives can add a little bit oomph to your everyday meals – and ultimately they don’t taste like they did when we were kids.’

Six-in-ten of those surveyed also admitted to ‘behaving like children’ when it came to food they didn’t like. 

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith said: ‘Food has always been really important to me, especially when I was training six hours a day.

‘When I was younger, I must admit I didn’t like anything spicy or any type of shellfish.

‘Even now, I can’t say I’m a huge fan but I’ll admit I haven’t been brave enough to give them another try.

‘When it comes to Christmas, I’ve definitely been known to sneak my Brussels sprouts under the table when I don’t fancy them, and to involve my dog in the festivities.

‘All that said, I love my food, and now being retired from Gymnastics has given me the freedom to be even more experimental with my meals.’