Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor confirms romance with Pete Davidson

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor confirms romance with Pete Davidson as they are pictured together for the first time in STOKE amid claims he is ‘serious’ about the actress


Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor has confirmed her romance with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson as they were pictured for the first time together in Stoke on Sunday. 

The snaps come following reports the 27-year-old comedian is currently visiting the UK in order to spend quality time with his new girlfriend Phoebe, People reported on Friday.

The comedian’s trip follows a report in the same publication that ‘Pete is telling friends he’s serious about [Phoebe].’ 

Pete’s trip to the UK appears to coincide with some of his free time from SNL, as the show is on a break without an episode until May 8.

Phoebe, 26, made her own trip across the Atlantic back in February when she visited New York City, where Pete is based.

The Netflix star shared some photos of an alternately snowy and sunny Brooklyn to mark the occasion on Instagram, captioning them, ‘Grateful I got to be here for a hot sec ❤️.’

Rumors of the relationship began last month when Pete was snapped was visiting Phoebe’s native Manchester.

On Wednesday, a source told People that the two lovebirds are ‘really into each other.’

The couple added to relationship speculation last week when they wore identical necklaces featuring their initials — which are the same — during interviews. 

‘Pete is wearing it as a romantic gesture to Phoebe,’ a source told The Sun after viewers noticed their matching jewelry. 

‘He wanted to show just how much she means to him and just how serious he is about them,’ the source continued.  

‘She’s in London and he’s in America. So they wanted to feel like they’re together when they’re not. Any time they’re feeling a bit lonely and missing each other they look down at the PD!’

Earlier this month, Pete seemed to confirm the relationship during a virtual conversation with Marquette University students.

When a student asked him to share his ‘celebrity crush’ during the Q&A session, he told them he wasn’t available anymore.  

‘I’m with my celebrity crush,’ he said while grinning — though without mentioning Phoebe — months after the romance rumors first began.. 

In addition to being a regular fixture on SNL, the comic has booked a new film role as The Ramones frontman Joey Ramone.

He’ll play the legendary punk rocker in the Netflix original I Slept With Joey Ramone.