Amazon shoppers are hailing this Dryer Egg as a trick to cut down drying time AND reduce creases   

How to cut down your laundry time: Amazon shoppers say this £7.99 Dryer Egg is a clever trick to reduce drying time AND reduce creases

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Many of us will want to use our dryer sparingly to avoid extra costs, but with autumn here, we often rely on our tumble dryers to get our clothes dry. 

Amazon shoppers have discovered a product that reduces drying time, and also potentially help you save some money too. Enter the Ecoegg Dryer Egg.

The egg-shaped dryer ball claims to reduce drying time by up to 28 per cent, and it also helps to soften your load and reduce creases. Shoppers have claimed it ‘works surprisingly well’, with many noting they’re ‘amazed’ by the results. And right now, you can try them out on Amazon from £7.99. 

Put the Ecoegg Dryer Egg inside your tumble dryer with your laundry to speed up drying time, reduce creasing and lightly fragrance your laundry 

Laundry can be a time consuming process, but dryer eggs are a clever product that can make a huge difference to drying time. 

Made from eco-friendly plastic, the Ecoegg Dryer Egg works to help separate your laundry so that more hot air can circulate. This means your clothes, towels, and bedding will dry faster. And according to the Amazon reviews, it really works.

Unlike traditional dryer balls that are smooth and spherical, the Ecoegg‘s odd-looking shape has been specifically designed with nodules to not only speed up drying time, but also help to soften your clothes.  

The energy-efficient balls come in unscented, Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom. Made with natural fragrance oils, the eggs are hypoallergenic so are suitable for even sensitive skin. Simply put them in the dryer, and they’ll leave a subtle fragrance.

While the dryer egg cases will last for ten years, you can refill the fragrance sticks inside them to keep them smelling sweet.  

Ecoegg Fresh Linen Dryer Egg

Ecoegg Dryer Egg Spring Blossom

The Ecoegg Dryer Eggs reduce tumble drying time by up 28 per cent, saving you time, money and energy

One delighted Amazon shopper left a glowing review for the Dryer Egg, writing: ‘I can’t believe how well these work, I was dubious, but my washing dried so much quicker. 10/10.’

Another agreed, also impressed by the results: ‘I was amazed by these. Initially I was dubious about their ability to reduce drying time, but they really do by at least 25%.’

A third penned: ‘Keeps sheets from twisting up. These are brilliant! My sheets were always knotting themselves into a mega ball, impossible to unknot. But that doesn’t happen anymore. They dry faster, and with less wrinkles.’

A fourth commented: ‘I’ve used these years ago in a washer/dryer, and they really helped take drying time off. I gave the old ones to family who love them, and I now have purchased these again to use in a new condenser dryer and they are just as good as I remember, reducing drying time and helping clothes be extra dry on my eco setting.’