American Airlines issues groveling apology for pilot with Let’s Go Brandon sticker on his case

An American Airlines passenger has sparked a firestorm by complaining about a pilot whose case bore a sticker critical of Joe Biden.

Dana Finley Morrison, a Missouri-based fraternity and sorority worker, was flying from St Lucia to Miami on Saturday when she spotted the pilot’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sticker.

The slogan began to circulate in September, when a Nascar reporter misheard the chants of ‘F*** Joe Biden’, and it has since become an anti-Biden rallying cry.

Morrison tweeted to American Airlines, saying: ‘Y’all cool with your pilots displaying this kind of cowardly rhetoric on their crew luggage when they’re in uniform, about to board a plane?

‘We are not the only passengers who noticed and were disgusted.’

The airline then responded to Morrison, saying: ‘Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we want to get this to the right team. Please DM any additional details.’

Morrison later posted screenshots which she said was the conversation with American Airlines, with the airline promising to review the matter internally.

The Dallas Fort Worth-based airline currently offers an official , company-endorsed ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin for its staffers

The Dallas Fort Worth-based airline currently offers an official , company-endorsed ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin for its staffers

‘We hold our team members to the highest standards and expectations,’ the airline said.

The airline has a policy that only official, preapproved badges or pins can be worn by its staffers. Examples include a military veterans pin, a gay pride pin and one for Christian workers. Pilots can only wear three pins at a time.

In October 2020, however, the Dallas Fort Worth-based airline came under fire after it created an official ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin for employees. 

Called the ‘Stand for Change’ badge, the adornment’s release came after staffers implored the airline to allow them to express their support towards the left-leaning sentiment, with many wearing unofficial, non-approved messages bearing the message.

The airline eventually succumbed to employees’ demands, despite its company policy of not supporting organizations – political or otherwise. 

‘American Airlines believes in equity and inclusion for all,’ a rep for the company wrote in a statement at the time. ‘In light of the appropriate attention to lives of Black Americans, we will allow team members who wish to wear a Black Lives Matter pin to do so if they choose.’ 

With that said, many spoke out in defense of the pilot amid the current Let’s Go Brandon controversy, insisting that he should be allowed to express his views.

Mollie Hemingway, conservative commentator and an editor at The Federalist, labeled Morrison a ‘Karen’ – a privileged and offensive white person.

‘Hope he and everyone else gets a raise for having to deal with Karen passengers such as this one,’ Hemingway said.

Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, agreed, adding: ‘This pilot deserves a raise for dealing with entitled Karens while doing his job.’

One woman vowed: ‘Will never fly American again if you discipline an employee for having a political opinion.’

A man remarked: ‘The World is watching, If crew can openly wear BLM merch, hard to justify censoring this.’

And another said that, provided he didn’t press his views on anyone, there was no problem.

‘If he’s not pushing the agenda on the passengers and not spewing stuff over the intercom she can mind her own business!’ she said. 

‘This young man has done nothing wrong.’

The airline says that it has launched an investigation into the pilot, but has remained mum as to the staffer’s identity and whether or not he will face repercussions for donning the unapproved piece of flair. reached out to American Airlines Monday morning for comment concerning the probe, but did immediately hear back. 

The incident is not the first time a US airline pilot has found themselves in hot water amid the divided political leanings in the country. 

In November, a Southwest pilot faced scrutiny for signing off a PA announcement with ‘Let’s go Brandon’ on a flight from Houston, and also found himself under investigation. 

At the time, Southwest released a statement that asserted the airline ‘does not condone employees sharing their personal political opinions while on the job, serving our customers.’ 

The details surrounding the investigator of the pilot, also left unnamed, have yet to be released more than two months later.