Powerball jackpot winners: Meet the Australians who just won a share of $80million

Aussie battler claims $40million Powerball prize and reveals her incredible plan for the money after being GIFTED the ticket: ‘I’ve barely slept’

A woman who won the $40million Powerball jackpot has revealed how her and her family’s lives have been changed forever. 

The winner, who is from St Albans in Melbourne, took home $40million division one prize after the numbers on her ticket were drawn last Thursday.

She split an $80million jackpot with another player from New South Wales whose numbers were drawn in the other division one entry. 



The woman relayed her shock about the win on Monday morning and how her and her family were still struggling to process receiving $40million. 

‘I’m still shocked. I’ve barely slept since I discovered the win,’ she told The Lott.

‘It’s hard to put the feeling of knowing you’ve won $40 million into words. I don’t think it’s truly hit me yet.

The Melbourne woman revealed that her ticket had actually been a gift and she hadn’t immediately checked the numbers before they were called out last Thursday.

‘When I did check it though, I immediately called out to my family and they were just as shocked as I was,’ she continued.

‘There were definitely plenty of cheers and tears!’

The new multi-millionaire says she will be sharing the money with her family and will be looking to ‘help’ them with it.

She also stated that she will purchase a home and ideally spend the money travelling to Japan and the United States.

‘You always wonder about what you would do if something like this were to happen, and now it has happened, I have no idea what to do!’ she continued.

‘It’s such a blessing, but I need to really sit down and just process it now. It’s life-changing, and I just can’t believe it’s happened to me.’