Balla: Within 10 days we will deliver the despionization package

14:39 19/09/2022

Head of the SP group: No more spies in politics, institutions must be cleaned

The SP will not waste any more time to file changes in the law on Political Parties and in the Electoral Code to prevent former spies of the state from engaging in politics. Within 10 days, Taulant Balla announced, the despionization package will be submitted to the Assembly.

“Maximum next 10 days will be deposited. You cannot be the head of a political party in Albania if it turns out that you were a collaborator”. said Balla.

Legal changes are also foreseen for the financing of political parties. Taulant Balla, after the meeting he had with Ambassador Yuri Kim, is convinced of the need to address defense mechanisms against Russian interference.

“On behalf of this group, I have requested the taking of immediate measures, the appropriate legal interventions, in the legal framework related either to the law on the financing of political parties, or to the electoral code for the part related to the financing of campaigns”. said Taulant Balla.

Among other things, he expressed his conviction that very soon the EU will join the USA and Great Britain in declaring non grata the chairman of the Democratic Party.

“There is an initiative actually already filed in the European Parliament, where it is requested that the persons who have been declared non-grada by the USA, naturally this will also happen in the EU countries. In my estimation, this will not be delayed.” said Balla.

As for the territorial reform, the SP has not changed its position in order not to affect the current division. Enkelejd Alibeaj does not have to feel provoked, said Taulant Balla, but to respect the decision of the majority.

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