Berisha sits in the socialist chair, Spiropali and Balla “explode”: low provocation

13:57 22/09/2022

Former prime minister: I sat down to tell the socialists that the democrats are today their lawyers in the parliament

Sali Berisha: Not by chance, for the first time I waited sitting in a chair of the socialist deputies. I did this with the most sincere intention to tell the Albanian socialists that today their only advocates in the parliament are the democrats and we will continue to be spokespersons for the interests of the Albanians regardless of political beliefs.

This is how the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, began his speech. Unlike other times, the former prime minister, before going to the lectern while waiting for the speeches between Minister Evis Kushi and MP Ina Zhupa to finish, decided to sit on a chair in the row where the Socialist Party MPs are standing.

And this, as Berisha himself said, not without reason, but to show the simple Albanian socialists that the democrats are their only advocates in the parliament. This movement of Berisha was initially met with laughter, but the statement that would follow brought the reaction of the socialists. The first was minister Elisa Spiropali.

Elisa Spiropali: The deputy of the other world sat on this side of the parliament and claimed to be the representative of the socialists. But when the socialists see him, they only see a thug who has shot directly at young and old, men and women without discrimination, 1800 bullets found on “Dëshmorët e Kombit” Boulevard. What representation? What are you talking about? But the Albanians also definitely know that the socialists are not from Serbia, they are from Albania, but seeing them as enemies, declaring every day that Edi Rama is an enemy, we are enemies, he will definitely introduce this spirit. This has been the monopoly distributor of permits to kill in the country.

The head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, was the harshest in his speech.

Taulant Balla: I asked for the word regarding a low provocation of a man who has no shame, manhood never had. And he took the floor… (Boçi intervenes, asking to be interrupted because it is not for procedure) (Forehead hits the table) It never happens that neither I come to sit in your row nor this individual who seeks provocation every time he is given the opportunity. He wants a fight, he wants a fight whenever he gets the chance. We didn’t react because the old man can’t stand and we thought he was old. As for what he said here, this scum wants to come to the parliament because he represented the socialists better, this SP eats him and this SP can never get close. That the SP in these 30 years has contributed only for the good of this country. This man who has betrayed Albania every time he gets the chance. Enver Hoxha’s boat man. The man who fueled Milosevic’s war machine. This is Sali Berisha. And this one who comes here and says I represent the socialists today. This one? This one? The shame of this parliament that comes here for 10 minutes, makes the pulpit dirty and runs away. And this other one acts as if affected. The first is that you and everyone else should be ashamed of yourself for going on and sitting in the back. Shame! However in my speech a few minutes ago I have just greeted what I am very sure will happen. The EC has finally made the decision to follow the example of the USA and Great Britain to proceed with sanctions for individuals involved in high-level corruption. As I told Saliu myself, I think that Saliu will need a visa to go to Lalez as well./broread