Has the moment come for Rama to leave politics? The Prime Minister answers

23:03 22/09/2022

At the end of the interview in “Opinion”, journalist Blendi Fevziu asked Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding his statements given time and time again that “it does not depend on politics and there comes a moment when he must leave politics”, whether he this moment has come for him.

Prime Minister Rama responded by saying that he did not come, but on the contrary, he is being inspired to continue forward and all the more he sees that the country is in a sustainable growth process.

Blendi Fevziu: You have repeatedly said that I don’t depend on politics, I don’t live for politics, there comes a moment when I have to leave. Has this moment come to you?

Edi Rama: No, it didn’t come to me, on the contrary. The more you try to bring me that moment, the more I am inspired to move forward and the more I see for real that the country is in a steady growth process.broread