Tirana and Tuzi deepen cooperation

17:00 22/09/2022

Veliaj: We will contribute with two public parks in Tuz and Preshevo

The municipality of Tirana will contribute to two of the Albanian-speaking municipalities, Tuz and Presheva, with two public parks in the city centers. Mayor Veliaj gave the news as he received the head of the Municipality of Tuzi.

Erion Veliaj: We want to be a part of your success, so we have decided that in Tuz, but also in Presheva, we will finance a public park; so, for a central area of ​​the city, as a gift from Tirana, as a way to leave a common mark and be a contributor to your success

The head of the Municipality of Tuzi, Nik Gjeloshaj, also revealed that the high school “Arben Broci” in Tirana will be twinned with the high school of Tuzi.

Nik Gjeloshaj: Today we also have a twinning between two schools, the high school in Tuzi and a high school here in Tirana, and all these are messages that we are one and we will continue together in the development of our countries

The cooperation between the Municipality of Tirana and the municipalities with Albanian population in North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, has increased especially with the creation of the Union of Municipalities, bringing the peoples closer to each other.

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