Tourist season, Rama: The challenge is to have tourists all year round

12:20 27/09/2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama has expressed the government’s ambition for the tourist season, and this is to have tourists throughout the year.

In the meeting organized in Durrës to take stock of the summer tourist season, the head of the government said that the phrase “tourist season” should be removed from the dictionary.

Throughout the year there should be tourists all over the country, said Prime Minister Edi Rama, and this is the challenge for Albania.

“We will set up a special structure for the cultural calendar of the season so that the tourist season is filled with cultural and tourist activities. Our challenge is to remove the word tourist season from the vocabulary. Albania should be touristic 365 days a year. This is the challenge. If the part of the warm period we have a relative extension of the season, today as we speak all the hotels in Durrës are full, while a part of the hotels that have created a tradition that have an international reputation, they start in May, is a whole part which remains empty. If Korça has managed to increase its attractive power in Winter, a little here and a little there we are far behind. If we want the economic chain to be strengthened more and for tourism to enter more into the role of promoter of national development, we must remove the word tourist season. This will require a new conception of the coastline for the Winter period because all entrepreneurs know very well that the first thing they need is employees. I still don’t know an entrepreneur who tells me I don’t need any employees. Everyone has work to offer but they know very well that their salary is high in the season but they cannot afford to have it all year round. And here the challenge is to create more work, more activity”, he declared Prime Minister Edi Rama.

According to the Prime Minister, until August there were 5.6 million tourists in Albania. /broread