The President starts the meetings for the election date

13:07 04/10/2022

PD-PL discuss joint candidates

While the head of state has started meetings with political parties for the date of the local elections, the first movements started in the opposition camp. Ilir Meta was seen going up to the blue headquarters on Tuesday morning, where he held a conversation with the leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, for nearly 30 minutes.

Although the press offices of the two political parties took care to keep the meeting held between them under the attention of the media, TV Klan has learned that coming out with a coalition and common candidates was the focus of the meeting between them.

Ilir Meta did not reveal many details, but after another meeting with the head of state, he confirmed the reasons for the conversation with Sali Berisha.

“With Mr. Berisha, we talked about the elections and the protests, we also talked about the protests and the elections. So we talked about strengthening democracy”, said Meta.

But the ascent of Ilir Meta to the office of the head of state was the second for the President, who started the consultations on the date of the elections with the Vice-President of the Democrats Oerd Bylykbashi for almost an hour, to follow them with those of the heads of other parties oppositional.

After the meeting, Fatmir Mediu, accompanied by Vangjel Dule, Agron Duka and Dashamir Shehi said that they had proposed to the President the date of May 14 for holding local elections.

“We thought that the 14th is the latest date, it is the best date, considering two very important reforms, territorial reforms that require their own time for implementation if consensus is reached, and electoral reforms. Our thought is for May 14”, said Fatmir Mediu.

The meetings of the head of state for the local elections will continue on Wednesday, where President Begaj called Enkelejd Alibeaj at 18:00. While on Thursday it will be the turn of the head of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla.