DP in Elbasan protests against the government

11:26 11/10/2022

Citizens turn off their cars: Lower fuel prices

The Democratic Party has started protests from the city of Elbasan against the increase in prices and the “Rama” government. The protest started at 11:00 a.m. in “Gensher” square, lasting for about an hour, while no incidents were detected during this time. In protest, citizens turned off their cars.

Present at the protest called by the PD of the city of Elbasan, was also the vice president of the party, Luciano Boçi, who said that the reason for this rally is not only the increase in the price of oil, but also the increase in insecurity in the country and depopulation.

“We started it here from Elbasan as the first spark to spread it throughout Albania. I call on all citizens to join us”, said Boçi.

Boçi did not spare the accusations against the government and the police.

“Every time the government needs abusive money that it wants to take to someone’s pockets or use it for itself, for its own luxury, instillations, concessions pi pi pi … it steals from the citizens through indirect forms, hidden and one of the forms is the increase in fuel that directly affects the increase in all prices. There is an election situation before, he needs millions of Euros to buy votes, why not”, said Boçi.

This was the first protest at the local level after the one on July 7, while until now there is still no concrete date when the DP will hold a national protest.

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