Berisha tells why he opened TikTok

21:10 13/10/2022

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, is invited this Thursday to the show “Opinion”. He told the journalist Blendi Fevziu why he opened an account on TikTok.

Blendi Fevziu: Tiktok, what did you want? On Facebook I remember when you were a star, on Instagram I remember when you entered, I believe the last two years, but what did you need TikTok?

Sali Berisha: TikTok is thus the most popular social media of teenagers and pre-teens.

Blendi Fevziu: What interest do they have in politics to be honest?

Sali Berisha: Regardless of their interest in politics, communication with them is very important. I do not intend to establish a political communication with them, but I intend to have a political communication as a very important part of the Albanian youth.

Berisha said that it was his idea to open an account on the TikTok social network, but it was postponed for various reasons. Berisha further emphasized that his passion for technology has accompanied him for decades./broread