DP: Progress – report, alarm bell

15:37 13/10/2022

“Let’s stand up in protests, Rama is leading the country to the abyss”

Unlike the government, the Democratic Party says that the European Union’s progress report for Albania is a strong alarm bell and danger signal.

“A long list of violations, unfulfilled criteria and undone or badly done work turn Rama and his administration into the poster child of bad governance. The main concern of Brussels remains the fight against systemic corruption and especially corruption at a high level”.

Depopulation, fiscal amnesty and the golden passport for democrats are also the issues where Brussels addresses strong criticism of the government.

“Approving a tax and criminal amnesty against the advice of the EU and Moneyval jeopardizes progress in this area, and the fight against money laundering. Albania should be restrained from implementing the golden passport scheme, as it poses a risk to security, money laundering, fiscal evasion, terrorist financing, corruption and infiltration by organized crime and is incompatible with EU legislation.

The Democratic Party invites Albanians to join in nationwide protests to remove Prime Minister Rama from power, who, according to the blue office, is leading the country to the abyss.