The meeting with Bardhi ends, Paloka: The common will to come up with a candidate

12:36 18/10/2022

Today, Edi Paloka and Gazment Bardhi met, who were mandated as negotiators of the parties within the DP.

After the meeting, which lasted about 60 minutes, Paloka told the media that the meeting has not failed and that there is a common will to come up with a candidate.

“When we have something for you we will let you know, you don’t need to follow us like today. It has not failed, it is a common will to come up with a candidate”, said Paloka.

The meeting between the two took place in a bar near the Parliament of Albania. We remind you that the communications have continued for days within the Democratic Party.

Both parties, like the one supporting Berisha and the one supporting Alibeaj, say that only united can win the elections. However, so far no common language has been reached./broread