Opening the Files of Communism, Rama: The Greatest Evil, Communist Anti-Communist Spawn

22:47 20/10/2022

Opening the files of communism and collaborators of the State Security to no longer be secret, Prime Minister Edi Rama emphasized that he will reveal the truth about some personalities who were collaborators of that regime.

During his speech in the Parliament, Rama estimated that the biggest evil of communism is “communist anti-communist spawn”.

“Communism has done many evils, but one of the greatest evils has been done after death by giving birth to anti-communist communists.

Listening to some speakers who spoke as if they had just come out of some internment camp, I remembered Father Zef Pllumi, who told me ‘sometimes you will know who collaborated with them the most? Hear who roars the loudest against them’.

And this is terribly true. It is enough to take screamer no. 1 because he does not want these files protected by SHIK to be opened here and to remember how much he has screamed against communism, having had the opportunity to open the files for 8 years in a row and he did not. That lustration is nothing but a trick to never open the files because it is an act of anti-constitutional and anti-European barbarism that was brought down long before the anti-communist spawn of communism attempted it, that is, the glorious democratic party from Court of Human Rights. That lustration is the same as the cries to protect Kosovo accompanied by the knife m u in KiE hand in hand with the Russian delegation to vote that terrible resolution.

That lustration is fixed like this view here in the hall. Where are those in whose name he speaks with the laudable sophistry that makes white black and black white, and interjects some norms and principles of an eminent lawyer. Where is your non woman? Why doesn’t he come here to vote for the removal of article no. 4 and pave the way for the opening of files which are files of important persons that cannot be opened because as the Files Authority says, you who screamed the most kept the files closed . The files have been open since 2015, there is only one category of open files which are some important figures of the state resulting in the files of the former State Security.

MY citizen with whom you got into ruble çorba, you want to know? That maybe it’s not him. Why go to the Supreme Court but remove this article. Why don’t we open it? It has been since 2015 that all victims of communist persecution, without exception, have the right to go and make a request and receive their file. But even there there is a restriction that we remove today with a proposal not made by us, to declassify state secrets from the time of communism. Why doesn’t the party of freedom come here to vote? Because it is precisely that party together with that party that never wanted the files to be opened, that did not want to shed light on all the files because they wanted the shadows to keep coming around“, declared Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Assembly in plenary session on the law on opening files/ Rama: Citizen IM brought us to this process

While the Assembly is holding the plenary session for the discussion and then the vote on the law on opening the files of the State Security, Prime Minister Edi Rama took the floor on the floor of the Assembly.

During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that in this process he has brought an additional IM as he calls for the files to be opened and, according to Rama, to relieve everyone.

Edi Rama: Thanks to communism, an oratory school has flourished for 32 years that they had the opportunity to see today. People who have no connection come out here and talk as if communist persecution has fallen on their heads. Communism is dead, there is time, what continues and lives is the evil offspring of the communist anti-communist as a spirit and as an approach that fools the whole world while here it is very simple: An obstacle is removed and all the figures of the State Security you the files that were kept closed at the time of SHIK are opened and SHIK has divided the affairs, covered those who needed to create this whole vortex.

That’s why it’s very simple: Citizen IM brought us here in this process, an IM came out, the world was filled with words, it was seen that you couldn’t understand who this is, is it IM that you thought of those you care about bad and just found out that there is a hurdle for IM citizen To open this whole category of files and ease everyone. Where can we find him to get an answer, and far be it from learning that we have had IM for 30 years, take and climb where there was a place in the state pyramid. Far be he. So, very simple, we needlessly complicate it and this is another reason to see who is who in this great theater.

Prime Minister Rama says that “non grata together with the radical anti-legal wing are not in the Assembly because according to Rama, as soon as they hear about the opening of files, they are unable to listen to it”.

Edi Rama: The first, non grata together with the radical anti-juridical wing is not here today, they have fled because they can’t hear how many files are opened. How can you tell Albanians “we fight for dignity” when you yourself avoid confrontation for dignity. When he tells you Albanians to unite for dignity, if he has respect for the word dignity, he immediately says that the one I have by my side is dignified or not. They support the IM supplement, if it is what the evil mouths say, I hope not. The more you scream against Communism, the more you are mixed with Communism. You Oerd are not related to communism, but you are related to a spawn of communism. Please don’t leave without voting because then you will realize that you no longer have any dignity in the case of yourself and you have surrendered all your dignity to anti-communist communism./broread