Accusations against the police for the death of the 32-year-old, Rama reacts: They want to put people on the streets

12:07 21/10/2022

From Elbasan, Prime Minister Edi Rama has commented on the accusations against the State Police, for the death of 32-year-old Lear Kurti after being escorted to Police Station No. 3 on Wednesday evening. For the Prime Minister, all this is done to connect the event with the case of the deceased Klodian Rasha, with the aim, according to him, to bring people out into the streets.

“They have been accusing the State Police of killing a young man since yesterday. While in the most correct, most serious, most dignified manner, the police have suspended the persons, so that they are not involved in any kind of process, the relevant agency that does the entire investigation, the forensic medicine that does its work, has been charged. There is no sign that there was any external reason, that is, anything done worse and anyway we are all waiting for the conclusion, the autopsy, the forensic report etc. But how is it possible? What kind of beings are these, who appear to people as gogols on the TV screens, on those screens that you look at, although they talk about a regime that controls everything, practically we do not control anything, because they are screens, on a barricade against the government for the reasons of their owners, but this is another topic… And “The police killed him, the police killed him, the police killed him”… And why? Because they want to connect it with people’s psychology, with the great horror that was in that case, a real horror, of the late Klodian Rasha and they want to put people out on the streets.” Rama said./broread