Balla presents 2 SP initiatives: Ex-Sigurimsat are prohibited from taking positions

13:51 21/10/2022

After the Assembly voted on the draft law for the full opening of the State Security files, the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party sent 2 more initiatives. Taulant Balla said that they will serve the purpose of detaining people who had connections with the former State Security in public positions.

“The parliamentary group of the SP following the initiative for full transparency on the files of the former State Security by removing the legal obstacle that anyone who has a previous cleanness certificate be reverified by the Files Authority, approved yesterday in the Parliament of Albania with political agreement, yes today presents two new initiatives in the service of the goal of arresting persons with past connections with the unfortunate former Security that brought tragic consequences for thousands of Albanian families. Specifically, there are actually two initiatives. The first concerns the change in the law for guaranteeing the integrity of persons who are elected or appointed to public offices. Or as it is called in everyday language terms, the decriminalization law and the other in the political parties law. The first initiative to change the law on decriminalization foresees the prohibition of persons from taking public positions if their connection with the secret service of the previous regime is proven. The verification is carried out on the basis of the self-declaration presented by the subject and if it turns out to be untrue, in addition to losing the right to be part of public positions, the person is charged with criminal responsibility for false declaration, just as the law has worked until now. Those who are currently in such positions will be subject to the legal obligation, regardless of whether or not they have a certificate of cleanliness. The second initiative, the one for changing the law on political parties, has the same approach. Therefore, those who were once collaborators, with officer status, with whistleblower status, of the State Security cannot be presidents of political parties in a pluralistic democratic system. said Balla.

The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party added that: These two initiatives, together with the new legal provisions in the law on the Authority of Files that we passed yesterday and in the changes to the electoral code that we have proposed for the verification of the lists of candidates for the general and local elections, are the appropriate legal premises that members, collaborators of the State Security or secret structures and spies of this regime are no longer part of any public, elected or appointed post./broread