Berisha: Opening the debate about the files is a witch hunt against Ilir Meta

12:57 21/10/2022

In a conference with the media, Sali Berisha stated that the opening of the debate about the files is a witch hunt against Ilir Meta. According to him, the government is against the destruction of legal certainty.

“Opening the debate on the witch hunt law against Ilir Meta. That he is an amendment against Meta. We thought that it will return the lustration law, because every persecuted person and society demands that those who have committed crimes should not be in office. That is the legitimate expectation.

This is precisely what Edi Rama does not accept. And he vowed that this will never happen. So we submitted this law with some changes. We are never for witch hunting, making a law for just one man.

We are never for the destruction of legal certainty, when it does not recognize the decisions of the two previous commissions, at a time when they cannot be annulled by anything other than the court. They are attacked in court.

If we continue the practice of gangsters like these, I guarantee you that tomorrow they can pass another article on property, on private assets, on private activities. There is no country in the world that does something like this, except for the junta.

There is no lustration and there will be no lustration. Rama has an alibi. By law, every Albanian citizen has the right to know the personal data contained in the files of the State Security. No restrictions. In his speech last night, Edi Rama brought out the essence of the matter. There is no lustration and there will be no lustration.

He used an amendment as an alibi, but essentially only to disallow lustration. There are three practices, one practice is opening files and everyone goes and gets to know their file, this is a German practice. It exists today in Albania with some modifications.

There is a second practice, the first one is not decommunization, there is another practice, which has been applied in most former communist countries, which is called lustration practice. This practice, which Edi Rama found to be its enemy and categorically against it, requires that the entire nomenclature, the entire secret police, with officers and collaborators of all levels, and in addition, the communist nomenclature loses the right under this the law, to be elected to leadership forums or to take leadership positions.

This is the practice of lustration, which was first implemented in former communist countries by Vaclav Havel, a respected man. That Edi Rama said that it is an anti-European practice. Havel has been and remains a promoter of the Europeanism of former communist countries.

This practice was adopted after Czechoslovakia by Albania in 1996. In this practice, in addition to lustration, there is an article in this law, which recognizes the right of citizens to know their file and persectors.

Now, I have here the law of 2008. Just follow the article 26 of this law. The right to access the personal file. Every Albanian citizen has the right to be familiar with the personal data contained in the files of the State Security, according to the law.

So no restrictions. For the recognition of these data, the citizen submits a request by law to the state authority. The authority within 30 days is obliged to return a negative answer if there is no data. In any case, the citizen is recognized only with his personal data.

This article gives the opportunity to every Albanian to receive his file and to familiarize himself with his file. There is another law passed by the DP government, for the first time in Albania, the law on the punishment of crimes of communism and communist genocide. According to that law, every person who finds his persecutor has the right to appear in the prosecutor’s office and demand his punishment. This particular law, Edi Rama took to the Constitutional Court and overturned it with 5 judges who were in a complete conflict of interest”, said Berisha. /broread