SP and DP join the votes for opening the files

12:02 21/10/2022

Certificates issued earlier will not be recognized

The socialists and democrats who support Enkelejd Alibeaj, with 94 votes in favor, voted for the non-recognition of the certificates of purity of the Bezhani and Mezini commissions for the former employees of the state security.

The votes were combined after the Socialists agreed to submit an amendment for the transparency of all files, but with the condition that the information seeker does not publish or misuse it.

But despite the fact that they agreed and voted in favor of declassifying the files, debates took place between the prime minister and Alibeaj in the session that ended at midnight.

The debate was fueled by the objection that Oerd Bylykbashi made to the voting of the draft law and as a test of the sincerity of the socialists for the transparency of the files, he asked to vote together on Lustration, which the Constitutional Court has previously dismissed.

The Prime Minister, for his part, asked them not to be afraid to make transparency about the citizen I. M, the one who became the reason for undertaking these changes. Rama returned to history quite a few times to make it clear who is anti-communist between him and Sali Berisha.

After the approval of the amendment to the law on the Authority of Files, in addition to the initiatives that are currently in the Assembly related to their transparency, this Friday the socialists will also file the amendments to the law on Decriminalization and political parties, which aims to keep away from politics and the institutions of independently, any former employee of the State Security.