Teachers’ protest, Rama: Unfortunately, most of them are on duty

12:07 21/10/2022

During a meeting in Elbasan, Prime Minister Edi Rama also stopped at the teachers’ protest. He said that this category’s salary has increased more than any other category. According to him, the protesting lecturers are a minority. Rama said that the vast majority of lecturers are at the top of their duties.

“Wages more than everyone in this period, you know who raised them?” Teachers. 7% from the government and 8% from local autonomy make 15%. There has not been a 15% increase despite the great desire, and although this is not a huge increase at all, it is a significant increase in this time that is not normal, but a time of war. No other category since the war began. And a part that is not the majority, but they watch all the televisions trying to crack all the confused minds partly from stress and partly from other troubles that a big pressure cooker is exploding. It’s unfortunate, really. The vast majority of teachers are in charge of their duties as they should be and they too have their burden of this great trouble, but this great trouble that has fallen upon the world is a trouble that comes out of our will. “, said Rama.

The head of the government said that Albania must face this difficulty as it faced the earthquake and the pandemic./broread