The opposition’s accusations about the death of the 32-year-old, Rama: Hyenas have appeared that tear the dead man apart

17:38 21/10/2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama has responded to the accusations of the opposition that blame the police for the death of 32-year-old Lear Kurti while he was being escorted to Police Station No. 3 in Tirana.

From Elbasan, during a meeting with citizens, the head of the government labeled the accusers “hyenas”, who, according to him, are trying to take advantage of this case.

The Prime Minister emphasized that according to the investigations so far by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Forensic Medicine, it does not appear that there was an excess of force by the police.

“We don’t have it in front, because in front they can’t get to us, but we have some from behind who catch us and try to pull us in with all kinds of tricks, with all kinds of scoundrels immersed in the bag of rubles, connected to the groups and the most unfriendly forces of this country, and I say this with responsibility, because their history also shows this, and in a daily effort to take life out of people by telling, inventing all kinds of things. As the freshest, latest tip, the police have killed another young man. While the police in cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Prosecutor’s Office itself in cooperation with the Forensic Medicine have issued the report clearly that it is not about any kind of violence, it is not about any kind of excess of any force on the part of the police, but it is about something completely different and I don’t want to go on because I want to respect the victim, you see how on all the screens the hyenas that tear the dead man apart minute by minute and that try to call others with the smell of death, others that they leave you behind and who should think about what kind of Albanians they are, what kind of Albanian you have to be to believe in these types of hyenas who have no code, have no moral, ethical, human barriers and are ready to invent the most monstrous things. For what? To do what should not be done at this time, to make people feel worse, not to make people feel better.” declared Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Lear Kurti lost his life a day ago while being escorted by the police. According to the preliminary version of the Medical-Legal, a bag was found in the stomach of the 32-year-old, which is suspected to have contained narcotics and the deceased had swallowed it so that the police would not find it. However, investigations into this event continue, while 3 officers have been suspended from duty until the circumstances are fully clarified. /broread