Alibeaj: I have no difficulty in saying that we managed to open the files of the State Security

12:01 25/10/2022

“A restabilization of ideological values ​​in politics is also necessary

The socialists and democrats who supported Enkelejd Alibeaj, voted with 94 votes in favor of not recognizing the certificates of purity of the Bezhani and Mezini commissions for former employees of the State Security.

Enkelejd Alibeaj, together with PD MPs, today held a meeting with intellectuals regarding the issue of opening the files, and gave more detailed information about the amendment proposed by the MPs led by him, which was approved in the Parliament.

Enkelejd Alibeaj: State Security files should no longer be secret, no longer locked, locked in dark basements, in other words the concept of declassification. The files are no longer state secrets. In legal terms, this alone would automatically be sufficient for them to be able to be accessed and copied by anyone with an interest of their own. Anyone else, the public has the right based on the information law to submit a request and request information and copies of information in State Security documents. In addition to being an individual interest of each of the victims, there is a need to remember and recall today what has been the violence machinery of the State Security.

Secondly, it is right that the truth kept in the files of the State Security should not be processed. Anyone receiving copies, can see and analyze for themselves what was the truth of those files, of the State Security, without filters, without processing, and create the truth themselves from having these documents in hand. This was a necessary need and creates, in our opinion, what is considered a process of opening files for everyone and in everyone’s favor.

The amendment also provides that some elements for issues related to national security are not opened as information, they remain in the same legal status as before.

The right of anyone to direct you and the one who has an interest will have to show, open the data, the circumstances for which documents, files, individuals he wants to study and get a copy of them.

The purpose of opening the files is to inform the Albanian public, it means that everyone understands what happened. Along with the information there can also be desires, sensibilities and perhaps some feeling to misuse the information.

In the approved amendment, any interested individual must sign an agreement with the Records Authority that they will receive the information but will not misuse it for blackmail or take it out of context.

These are the ones that have been approved as amendments to the current law on files. The law is a simple law that the majority could vote for without us. Those DP deputies who voted for this law have a personal thank you, this is a patriotic act and will be one of the most important in the career of those who voted for it. We presented that amendment as a moral obligation to Albanian society. It happened that this amendment was supported by the SP and I have no compunction to say that we managed to open the files of the State Security.

At the end of his speech, Alibeaj said that a restabilization of ideological values ​​in politics is also necessary.

Enkelejd Alibeaj: We claim that starting from this stage, as well as these other initiatives, a restabilization of ideological values ​​in politics is also necessary. Are we an anti-dictatorship party? Should we create a psychosis within ourselves? We must be clear in our ideas.

The proposal of the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj

IN Article 20 ··Guarantee of the right to information”. After point 1, point 1/1 is added with the following content: With the entry into force of this law, the Authority for Information on the Documents of the former State Security has the obligation to publish the bibliography of the documents of the former State Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania for the period July 29, 1944 to on July 2, 1991, fully declassified according to this law. Every person has the right to get to know the documents of the former State Security and to request a copy of them, in accordance with the law on the right to information.