“How moral is the cooperation between you”, what Berisha-Meta say when asked about the “eels”

13:53 27/10/2022

Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta signed today the pre-election cooperation agreement between PD and PL for the local elections of May 14, 2023.

The agreement was considered historic by the two leaders, but this is not the first time that Berisha and Meta have collaborated.

During the press conference, they were asked how moral this new agreement is, when in the past they have made mutual accusations.

Question: I think today is the day you should give an explanation to the democrats, former members of the LSI and then to the Albanians about this new alliance of yours. How moral is your alliance when on April 25, DP blamed members of LSI for the deep loss through a report made by DP leaders. On the other hand, how moral is a new collaboration between the two of you for the Albanians, since Mr. Berisha, we remember that you used to accuse Ilir Meta when you remembered the eels when he collaborated with Edi Rama, while Ilir Meta as the Speaker of the Parliament remembered the boy saying that he no longer resigns for him.

Ilir Meta: I believe that the content of the agreement is what interests the citizens of Albania and the content is giving them power through the referendum, the primaries and through the transformation of the municipal councils into their local parliaments for their problems and concerns. It is an agreement that serves the return of political pluralism in the country. In any case, without any discussion, it is more honest than the agreement of the night of May 17 that still continues today to undermine the opposition in Albania.

Sali Berisha: What MP Basha said, he took with him everything he said. I would kindly suggest that you do not take them out of the archives, they are no longer useful. The truth is that once again, every time you comment on this agreement, you will find that this is the agreement to oust the regime of Edi Rama and “bury” in Sarrë politically a man whose friend for negativity is only himself since Tirana was governed for the first time. seen by Albanians until today. Therefore, I want you to see this, I am not saying it with worship, but with great hope and faith as the agreement of changes that Albanians are waiting for. In politics there are general political interests. Those who are guided by personal interest are wrong, it is always the general interest. The general interest of this agreement is extraordinary. /broread