Rama: The opposition seeks to destabilize the country

19:52 01/11/2022

“High tax for those who do not work the land”

Edi Rama has accused the opposition parties and the media of being and playing the Russian game aimed at destabilizing Albania. As evidence, he says that it is the attacks that are made to the government on issues related to the price crisis that are a consequence of Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

“What is called today the opposition of Albania is immersed in the bag of Russian rubles. The Russians have paid the Democratic Party with half a million dollars, when the ruling PD sends people to the Council of Europe to combine votes with the delegation of Vladimir Putin’s party to approve a resolution of the General Assembly of the Council of Europe that embarrasses Albania”.

For those who do not work the land, he warned that the Ministry of Finance is finalizing the draft of the bill that aims to impose a significant selective tax.

We need to take some new measures that we are preparing for a super taxation of fallow land. You cannot leave the land of bread fallow because you own it. Have them work or do it yourself“, said the Prime Minister.

To the farmers of Korça, who have often complained that their production is rotting due to unfair competition, Rama suggests the union.

Cooperatives, federations, societies, enterprises, enterprises, associations, call it what you want, but it is time to do these. It cannot be beaten alone“, he said.

But another alternative for their empowerment, for which he has repeatedly drawn the attention of the mayors, Rama sees the creation of joint stock companies between farmers and municipalities.

Mayors and municipalities enter into joint initiatives with you. We don’t have to wait any longer”he emphasized.

Rama finds time to answer the accusations about the impoverishment of the village, and to do this he refers to the data of the reports of international financial institutions.

“Albania has the lowest level of inflation of the prices of food products than all the countries of the region”, said Rama.

A special law promised to be approved for all those who work online.

“We are practically making legislation for those we call digital nomads, who individually will be able to work undisturbed”.

There was also an answer to the concern of young people about the lack of hope and leaving the country.

“This is a historical trend that all countries have gone through, and not only that, this aging-aging, emptying-emptying sand is a sand that is even diabolical by those who use it all the time because it seems like this is what you are taxing today all of Albania has it”.

Following his meetings in Korça, the head of government also participated in the meeting for the presentation of the projects carried out by the municipality, while inspecting some important investments in this area.