Berisha: Rama has the battle with the reestablished PD, the other one was in his pocket

12:53 05/11/2022

In a conversation with citizens on social networks, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that Prime Minister Rama has a battle with the re-established Democratic Party.

During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha emphasized that he was never open to giving up the primaries or replacing the primaries with polls.

Question: Dr. Berisha, how will you act as DP to come up with a single candidacy and not with two candidates as MP Alibeaj said?

Sali Berisha: The truly reestablished Democratic Party has established a procedure which no Democrat would normally refuse. But, when 8 months or a year ago, I went from pulpit to pulpit to talk about Peng-Basha at that time, there were those who believed him, but also others who were skeptical.

Today I believe, after all the data, it is clear that all of them are totally Edi Rama’s efforts and have nothing in common with the PD. In this context, I have been, am and will be open to every deputy of this party, every exponent and member of this party, to run in the primaries, to propose anyone for the primaries.

I am never open to giving up primaries, nor to replacing primaries with polls. No one in the world does this. There is no reason for me to set such a standard as it goes without saying that Edi Rama is fighting with December 11, with the refounded Democratic Party, because he had the other one, which is the truth, as time has proven, in his pocket./broread