Balla: SPAK to start the investigation on Russian financing in DP

11:45 07/11/2022

The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, has called on SPAK to start investigations into Russian funding in the Democratic Party.

In a statement to the media from the premises of the Assembly, Balla accused Sali Berisha of harming the national interests of both Albania and Kosovo.

“While we face this difficult situation, while all of Europe is under the threat of a war, what stands out is the attempt of an old alliance between Sali Berisha and Illir Meta to harm the interests of Albania at this difficult moment but also historical.

The fact that the DP and Sali Berisha still do not provide explanations for the Russian funding that has entered the finances of the DP and that it is no coincidence that the DP is connected in many moments since 2008 with maintaining the same positions with Russia when it comes to matters of national importance, the fact that we are in a difficult situation in Kosovo where the Serbian List withdraws from the government and withdraws from the Assembly, the opposition in Albania demands destabilization of the country.

I think that it is in the interest of the national interest that these two pilgrims, Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, should no longer be approached from behind. It is mostly Sali Berisha who speaks the same language as Putin’s Lavrov. You have followed how Albania has been labeled as a dangerous country in the British media. This is not accidental.

SPAK has not yet started an investigation into how a political party ended up on the Kremlin’s border. I appeal to Mr. Kraja that the Prosecutor should start the investigation immediately. So Basha-Berisha and anyone else who has dipped their fingers in the soup of Russian rubles is called, and I call on every democrat in this country to give up wasting what is left of the DP for the narrow interests of an individual.“, declared Taulant Balla. /broread