Fiscal amnesty, Balla: There is no international pressure, but recommendations

12:00 07/11/2022

In a statement to the media, the head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, stated that a law on fiscal amnesty is necessary to provide the economy with additional income. Balla has said that there is no international pressure for the fiscal amnesty law, but recommendations.

Question: A long time ago, you declared that the fiscal amnesty will be decided in the Assembly, it has not come, the majority withdrew after the pressures and attitudes of the internationals?

Taulant Balla: There is no pressure from internationals, there are recommendations that are always taken into consideration. The interest of Albania and Albanians is our fundamental interest. A fiscal amnesty law is necessary to break away from 30 years of transition and give the Albanian economy another revenue stream. I want to be clear that it remains a priority for us after we have consolidated a final version of the law on fiscal amnesty. It is important to understand and I believe that the entire Albanian public should pay attention: While the whole of Europe is under the threat of a war that has affected the whole of Europe, the attempt of an old alliance between Berisha and Meta to damage the interests of Albania at this historical moment./broread