Thomas-Greenfield in “Opinion”: Albania, partner of the USA

00:00 09/11/2022

“We will help strengthen cyber defense”

The Ambassador of the United States of America to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, clarified in an interview on the show “Opinion” on TV Klan the reasons for her visit to Albania.

“You know, I came with a purpose. The purpose was to reaffirm our strong relationship with your government. We have had 100 years. And now, I’m sitting next to this young gentleman in the Security Council; we are partners and full allies in the Security Council”, she expressed.

Alongside the Albanian ambassador to the United Nations, she appreciated Tirana’s role at the Security Council table.

“We are 15 votes in the Security Council and every vote is important. And Albania’s vote is as important as America’s vote”, said the ambassador.

The war in Ukraine occupied the most important part of the interview. Asked about proposals to remove Russia from the Security Council, the senior American official gave this answer.

“It’s a frequently asked question, for all of us it’s something we think about regularly. We have to deal with what we have on the table now and we will continue to isolate them.”

But why has Russia toughened its tone towards Albania?

“There is no problem with Russia and Albania. There is a problem between Russia and the world. And Albania is part of the world. And we have seen this at the UN,” said Ambassador Ferit Hoxha.

Should we fear the use of nuclear weapons by Moscow?

“We are taking this seriously. We have raised it in the context of the Council and we are continuing to provide support to Ukraine in every case so that they can defend themselves.” said the ambassador.

Due to Iran’s cyber attacks, the ambassador said that the United States will continue to support the strengthening of defense systems.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield: Our Special Presidential Advisor and Special Ambassador for Cyber ​​is here in Albania today working with the government to talk about how we can prepare to meet the challenges that the Iranians have presented to your cyber system here. And we will continue discussions with the government on how we can support more.

Blendi Fevziu: How are our relations with Iran at the United Nations?

Ambassador Hoxha: Um, frozen.

As for the situation in the north of Kosovo, the American diplomat says that maintaining peace is important.

“For years we have supported moving forward and establishing stability in this region and we will continue to work towards stability”, she expressed.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield also visited some of the premises of Tv Klan.