With her voice shaking, Rudina Hajdari: All of you gathered here today remind me of Azem Hajdari

17:04 12/11/2022

At the end of her speech at the Democratic Party protest, Rudina Hajdari was emotional as she mentioned her father, Azem Hajdari. She said that he had only one mission for Albania and she will fight to fulfill it.

Rudina Hajdari: I am Rudina Hajdari, speaking here today is a great privilege, first in this pulpit and you who are gathered here today remind me of Azem Hajdari. Azemi had only one mission, to turn Albania into a prosperous country, and you fill me with hope and energy to fight as much as possible to make this dream of his come true. I hug you, I love you all so much! Victory, victory and only victory!/broread