Lekaj-Fier concession, Rama: 100% private investment

15:22 15/11/2022

Premier: It will be paid instead of an alternative free segment

On November 14, the public procurement agency announced the winner of the concession of the Lekaj-Konjat-Fier road, the merger of 8 companies. Prime Minister Edi Rama also spoke about this project.

“I saw a news “Balluku: 320 million concession for the road” where I know Lekaj-Fier, 7 million kilometers. Anyone reading this, what do you think? Boo, 320 million from the budget for someone, boo 7 million kilometers, while it’s about something else entirely.

A road that will be built without a single penny from the state, 100% private investment and will be tolled, despite an alternative free segment. said Rama.

The Prime Minister referred to the costs for 1 km of road as hints, because it depends on the project.

“Does it make 7, does it make 17, this cannot be determined by a single source because we have explained it 1 million times and every time I go there to the underpass, overpass or underpass with overpass, whatever you want to call it, of the former Sqiponja, I say to myself “Yes, well, those who were discussing so many kilometers, when they pass here, how do they feel?

Do you remember how much they have lied to this millet?” That one kilometer is it, but it is all a work of art, as it is called in engineering language, not in my language as an artist.

While it could be a kilometer like this at a completely different cost. What do you mean this many kilometers? How do you know what is in that kilometer and you are talking while you are talking, you should see that there is a bridge or something else in this kilometer”, said Rama.

The duration of the concession contract is 35 years. According to the map, the track of this road starts near the area of ​​Luz small (Lekaj) at the end of the Kashar-Lekaj axis and ends at the beginning of the Fieri Bypass near the Mbrostari area. The value of the investment is 320 million Euros without VAT.

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