Rama: Today over 300 thousand tourists in Berat, we have given another face to Albania

18:02 16/11/2022

In the presentation of the works of the Municipality of Berat, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, spoke with figures regarding the tourists in this city. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama emphasized that Berat has more than 300 thousand tourists, as he added that this number will go up to 800 thousand tourists.

Edi Rama: We should be and feel good that we have given another face to Albania, to all areas of Albania. That Berat today has more than 300 thousand tourists, domestic or foreign visitors, it does not matter, who come here and who are noted here. Who imagined it only 5-6 years ago? Who imagined when we came here to ask for people’s trust there was no way to come. Do you remember or not?

Today only 300 thousand tourists here and I am telling you that in Berat, this number will go to 600 thousand, 700 thousand, 800 thousand and this wealth has only just begun to wake up as a wealth that serves people to create well-being because this is what tourism is for. In the midst of all this wealth, everyone should have an opportunity and you can be sure that everyone will find an opportunity.

If today we are in the time when more people leave than come from Albania, the time when more will come than leave, is not far because even the great fantasy that “started, go there because there is a field of flowers ”, it is heading towards exhaustion not because there is nothing like your country, but this cannot be an imposition, this must be an opportunity and for this country to offer an opportunity more than any other country still needs a lot of time, work and patience, but the situation we are in today is enough for us to say that the road has been opened and we have opened this road, not others./broread