Veliaj: Tirana, the cleanest city in the region

19:26 16/11/2022

“The air quality is rated 8 by the EU satellite”

The green policies that the Municipality of Tirana has adopted in recent years have made the capital city with the cleanest air. This statement of the mayor of Tirana was made during the International Conference on Ecological Opportunities for the Financial Sector in Albania.

“When we started working in the Municipality of Tirana, the Copernicus satellite, which measures air quality in all European cities (it is a free service of the EU), from a rating of 1-10, gave Tirana a rating of 2-3 . Today, now that I’m talking, I’m going live in the application, the rating for air quality in Tirana is 8, while on days without cars it goes 9-10. This rating is not 8 because we speak nicely, but it is because we made the right decisions.

Veliaj showed some of the decisions that have brought this result.

“The center of Tirana, from a large roundabout, is today the largest square in Southeast Europe. Pazari i Ri, from a loading-unloading place in the middle of Tirana, is today another car-free space. Here, behind our backs, there was a small landfill, right in the center of Tirana, the Walls of the Castle, but today it is another space turned not only into an economic pole with many businesses, but even cleaner. The way we behave, the way we invest, the way we make decisions and if we reflect these decisions, as we say in these meetings, then we get the results I talked about and today Tirana is one of the cleanest cities in the region”.

Veliaj called the Free Economic Zone to be established in Kashar another important decision.

“The municipality of Tirana has just been licensed by the government to operate a free economic zone in Kashar; it is a space of about 60 ha and now we have the first potential customers, one of them is Israel’s largest data-center company. As we also saw the danger brought to us by hacking by hostile forces, such as the case of Iran that damaged our services, the need for more ‘cyber security’, but also more efficiency in maintaining archives, is increasingly emerging.

Veliaj informed that only 4 days after receiving the license from the government, 4 foreign companies were offered.