Bardhi is expelled from the parliament for 5 days

13:20 17/11/2022

Democratic deputy, Gazment Bardhi, has been expelled from Parliament for 5 days. The decision came after his behavior in the Law Commission.

In the direction of Mrs. Klotilda Bushka, today the Secretariat for Procedures, Voting and Ethics met to review the request of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, regarding the situation created by the deputy Mr. Gazmend Bardhi, during the meeting of the Committee for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights, dated 15.11.2022. In this meeting, deputy Bardhi used unparliamentary language towards the Chairperson of the Commission, accompanied by aggressive actions, damaging the audio equipment in the committee’s meeting room, as well as misused the documentation of the meeting, throwing the meeting papers towards the Chairperson of the Commission. Based on the Regulations of the Assembly, article 63 point ç and article 65/1, the Secretariat decided with 3 votes in favor and 2 against, taking the disciplinary measure “Exemption from participation in committees and in plenary sessions for 5 (five) days”, for the deputy Mr. Gazmend Bardhi”.

The situation happened after the chairman of the commission, Klotilda Bushka, put the draft law for the Port of Durrës to the vote, but it was fiercely opposed by the opposition MPs.

Mostly from MP Bardhi. He stood up and took the microphone from the chairwoman of the Commission. Then he threw a few more microphones, while at the end he also threw the sheets in the air./broread