SP-PD clash in the Assembly, the session is interrupted

12:42 17/11/2022

Berisha: You don’t shut us up, within a year the people speak in parliament

Debate and clash was what produced the plenary session at its start, as the deputies of the Democratic Party asked to have equal time with their colleagues during the discussions on European Integration.

“Now can you tell us, am I a deputy lady or what am I? Why did I have 2 minutes of time while other colleagues here have 10 to 20 minutes”, said Flag Noka.

“It is divided considering the size of the groups. You don’t represent a group.” said Felaj.

“I want to know in which article I am forbidden to talk about the integration process”, said deputy Ina Zhupa.

Sali Berisha’s exit to the pulpit caused tension in the hall and then an interruption of the Assembly’s work for several minutes.

“Mr. Berisha, please sit down and allow us to conduct the session. We suspend the session for 5 minutes until the deputies outside the parliamentary groups can calm down.” said Felaj.

Although the assembly closed the live broadcast, Sali Berisha found the solution in social networks.

“If the people do not speak, but the thieves do, as is happening here, this parliament should no longer exist.” said Berisha.

Several times he called for the resumption of the session, after which he said that the fear of the prime minister and government ministers involved in corrupt affairs is hidden.

“You are afraid of the parliament. Miss Xhaçka is gone. Our strategic investor, the minister with strategic investments, is gone. Ulsi you have become famous. Only 2 mules are left in your village without being hired. All of you are organized at work, Ulsi”. said Berisha.

With the return to normality of the work of the Assembly, he gave a warning to the majority.

“There is no parliament in the world that divides the deputies into 5-minute, 10-minute and 2-minute periods except you. This is history of shame. History that never existed. Put an end to this because we will not tolerate this situation any longer. Apply the regulation. You have been suppressing our right to motion and resolution for four months. I guarantee you, as I promised on November 12, that in this way it will be the Albanian people, the opposition people, who will speak in this hall. We do not accept to be kicked by anyone, because we do not kick anyone“, said Berisha.

Both inside and outside the parliament, Berisha demanded the dismissal of the Prime Minister for the insulting and derogatory language used in the Assembly, taking care to show him the fate that awaits him if the opposition is denied the floor to denounce the thefts that he said the government does with public assets. of Albanians.

“Parliament has been transformed into an institution decided by criminal groups, decisions are made in the interest of powerful and non-powerful criminal groups. At the appointed moment, the opposition people will come here to say a few words to these thieves who have no law or morals. Will they enter the vizier? People know those things“, said Berisha.

Although Berisha did not say when the next protest will be, Taulant Balla from the floor of the Assembly expressed his conviction that the opposition rally is expected to be held on December 6.

“The planning of the next meeting on the day of the EU summit with the Western Balkans is what causes the pain, which returns here later”. said Balla.

The Assembly was also involved in the rebuttal for the mandate of the deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Olta Xhaçka, for which the opposition wants to be called “Constitutional”, with the argument that in violation of the law she has benefited from the status of a strategic investor for the construction of a hotel in the Municipality of Himara.