The 78th anniversary of the liberation of Tirana

13:23 17/11/2022

Veliaj: Today we need to be united against Putin

“We are proud to represent a policy that has its roots in the anti-fascist struggle.” This is what the mayor Erion Veliaj declared at the ceremony dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Tirana from the Nazi fascist invaders.

“Tirana is the only capital in Eastern Europe that was liberated by its own forces and those of allies, without a single Russian soldier setting foot on its territory. Even in today’s politics, as we face first the earthquake, then the pandemic, then the inflation of Putin’s war—as a treacherous war against the people of Ukraine, but also a treacherous war against the West and our Western mission— today, more than ever, we need to be together.” said Veliaj.

Veliaj once again brought to attention the meeting he had with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

“The Pope reminded us of something, which maybe we take for granted, but he said: “You are the only people who have saved the Jews. Not only did you free yourself with dignity, but you also saved the lives of others.” Therefore, for all those who say we can’t be done, this people can’t be done, this country can’t be done, let’s remember where our roots are. We have strong roots. This place becomes!” he expressed.

In the ceremony of the 78th anniversary of the Liberation of Tirana, local dignitaries and members of the Assembly, ministers, LANÇ veterans and citizens who laid wreaths at the Unknown Soldier to honor those who gave their lives in the war against fascism were present. .