The session is suspended, Berisha goes live on social networks: Turn off the microphone as much as you want, but this is the miracle of Facebook

11:18 17/11/2022

Today’s plenary session was suspended a few minutes after the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, and the General Secretary, Flamur Noka, went to the floor of the Assembly. First, Noka requested that the opposition MPs have their time to speak.

“Here you have published a list of discussants. Am I a deputy or not? Why do I have 2 minutes while other colleagues here have between 10 and 20 minutes. Is this 2 minutes verb tense? Here you speak and then appoint some of your vassals to read a speech on behalf of the opposition, but never to be an opposition. And then run away happily and cheerfully with each other, leave this hall and think that you have done your duty. This is a shame, a shame, a shame.” Noka said.

After Noka’s speech, the deputy speaker of the Assembly, Ermonela Felaj, asked to continue with the normal order and with the time set for the deputies.

“We move on to the motion for the development of the debate on European integration. We exhausted all the issues of the procedure. You cannot move the Assembly forward by repeating each other. If time is shared, time is shared. And it is divided by the size of the groups. You do not represent a group, since you are not a group, this time belongs to you, this is what the regulation says”, he said Felay.

This brought the harsh reaction of Noka who went to the pulpit addressing Felaj. While Berisha took the podium. Then the chief democrat went live on Facebook and kept his word.

“Today I guarantee you that it will be a day at the height of November 12, but very soon that date will be passed by other powerful protests in front of the parliament, Tirana Boulevard. The world and Europe will find out that thieves can never bring stability, that thieves bring poverty, that thieves have no morals. Turn off the microphone as much as you want, but this is the miracle of Facebook which allows me and will allow every MP to communicate with their constituents, with their citizens, with the international community everywhere.

Open the parliament, don’t be afraid of the parliament. You are afraid. Gone. Miss Xhaçka is gone, the strategic investor, the minister with strategic investments is gone. Ulsi you have become famous. Only 2 mules are left in your village without being hired by your tribe. Everyone is employed, so he also acts as Edi Rama’s bodyguard. That’s why he doesn’t say a word about Skaviča.” Berisha said./broread