DP protest, Balluku: It is anti-European

21:52 19/11/2022

Deputy Prime Minister: Protesting against strategic partners is a unique anti-Albanian example

Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku describes the PD protest on December 6 as anti-European, since the EU summit with the Western Balkans will take place on this day in Tirana.

In her post on “Facebook”, Balluku writes that protesting against strategic partners and the Euro-Atlantic orientation of the country is and will remain in history as a unique example of anti-Albanianism.

The deputy minister writes further about the chief democrat that “Today, it is trying to rise from the political grave once and for all to destroy this country. But the great luck for Albania and the Albanians is that there is no more ruble power that can raise these types of samples from the political grave. They are destined to remain on the darkest pages of this country’s history and its best aspirations to integrate into the European family.”

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