Primary candidates present platforms

18:00 20/11/2022

Debates are held in 6 other branches in Tirana

The seven candidates of the primaries within the Democratic Party for Tirana presented their platforms in front of democrats and sympathizers in 6 other branches in the capital.

In the meetings held in branches 6, 7, 10, 13, 15 and 16, they revealed their programs for Tirana to the residents of these units, while emphasizing the unification of the Democratic Party.

Belind Kelliçi: The reason why I am a candidate is quite clear, because of a terrible model that Tirana has seen in these 8 years.

Gert Bogdani: When you vote on December 4th, you should think May 14th. Who is the candidate who can defeat Erion Veliaj?

Ilir Alimehmeti: How we go about winning May 14 in 2023. That’s the question. This is the point why we are here. What do we need? A total antithesis and we should be together.

Julian Deda: To choose one of us, don’t listen to analysts, nor to television, nor to facades. Neither each other, nothing. Meet everyone, when you shake their hand look them in the eye and see the way they shake your hand.

December 4 has been determined by the Democratic Party as the final date for the conclusion of the primaries throughout the country, from where the opposition candidates for the next local elections will also emerge.