Kushi in Elbasan with the graduates: Matura exams in a large environment

15:30 22/11/2022

Minister Khushi: The automated medical test will account for 30% of the total points

The state matura will have a number of innovations. The Minister of Education Evis Kushi said some of them during the meeting with the graduates of Elbasan.

“We will remove the answer sheet, so as not to confuse either the students or those who do the corrections. This year we thought of choosing large halls, large spaces where a larger number of graduates and of course a larger number of teachers, monitors, administrators where the risk of having problems related to communication with each other , communication with the teacher, or any other irregularity that is prohibited in the regulations, is lower”. Kushi said.

Minister Kushi also explained how the reevaluation of the test will be done.

“It will be the school, the teachers who, if they find that the exam has been corrected incorrectly, it will be the teachers and the school principal who will formalize this animation request which will then be sent to the Educational Services Center to re-evaluate the test. All those who request a re-evaluation of the test may also receive a lower evaluation afterwards. If there will be a re-evaluation, the grade after the re-evaluation will remain in force. said Kushi.

For the introduction of the automated exam in the branch of general medicine, Kushi said how the distribution of points will be.

“We thought of giving it 30% weight in the assessment. So 70% will be from the grades of the three years and matura exams, according to the formula that is in force today, while 30% will be from the automated exam. The pool of questions is already being prepared. The questions will be for the subjects biology, chemistry and physics, which are more related to the “General Medicine” program. said the minister.

These changes concern graduates who will enter the 2023 state matura exams.

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