What is expected to happen tomorrow in Parliament? Berisha: A strong battle is expected

14:10 23/11/2022

The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party met at noon today. At the start of this meeting, the chief democrat Berisha said that a very important issue on the agenda tomorrow in Parliament is, according to Berisha, the corruption mafia affair of the Port of Durrës.

Regarding the Port of Durrës, the head of the PD Berisha says that “it is a mafia act with which Rama merged the shares with the former leader of the opposition to make trouble for the Albanians”.

During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha warned that a very strong parliamentary battle is expected in the Parliament tomorrow.

Sali Berisha: Therefore, we must make all these major issues for the Port clear to the Albanians. He has put the first issue on the agenda, we will stand with the greatest strength of speech. They will try to block us. That he has a pathological hatred for the word, for the parliament, for the opposition of course. Therefore, a very strong, very powerful parliamentary battle is predicted. We must, gentlemen deputies, protect with the greatest determination, the interests of Albanian citizens, the interests of the public at the Port of Durrës. We will set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. We will also include the Port of Vlora and Saranda. This is taking away from Albania, what it has had for centuries. In addition, it is the most flagrant violation of the SAA. There are three articles that threaten Albania with blocking the negotiations. Therefore, tomorrow we have a very important day in the parliament. We must prepare with all our possibilities to protect the public interest.

We remind you that Prime Minister Rama also warned a few days ago that he will present facts about the Port of Durrës in the plenary session that will be held the next day./broread