December 6 protest/ Berisha: Opportunity to express your voice in front of the EU leadership, I invite pupils and students

12:32 25/11/2022

In a press conference, the chief democrat Sali Berisha once again invited all Albanians to participate in the protest that will be held on December 6, the day that the European leaders will be in Tirana for the EU-BP summit.

Sali Berisha: As you have felt and ascertained, the protest of December 6 has aroused an extraordinary interest in Albania, emigration, diaspora and everywhere. But, before I address my call, I have a heartfelt thank you for the European Commission, its representation, with yesterday’s statement, proved to the Albanians that they come here to support the Albanian people, they come here to support democracy in Albania and of course come here, they have chosen Tirana also for their geostrategic goals. The call and demand that the freedoms and rights of the citizens be respected was the most excellent response received by Edi Rama and his followers, who in their reaction, horrified by the protest, created the impression that in this country, in Tirana, no prime ministers and presidents of free countries, elected by free vote, are gathering, but the dictators of the whole world are gathering. This got the final answer with the statement.

During his speech, the chairman of the DP Berisha said that on December 6 at 12:00 we should express our support for European values ​​before the leadership of the European Union. The Chief Democrat did not hesitate to invite students to be part of this protest.

Sali Berisha: It is precisely the violation of these values, absolutely the most fundamental factor in the transformation of Albanians into boat-people for the second time in 30 years. In the raft people. I believe you saw yesterday’s UK government statistics. Albanians far outnumbered Syrians and Afghans. It is an opportunity to express your voice with dignity, with civility, before the leadership of the EU. It’s Tuesday, it’s a working day, 12 o’clock, but the sacrifice is worth it. I am confident that they will be present. I invite school students to dedicate that day to their European future, I invite students from all over the country to gather in Tirana. It is a unique, unrepeatable occasion for us to express our strong support for European values. They are so in danger in Albania./broread