The Assembly approves the 2023 budget – Tv Klan

08:25 25/11/2022

The budget is expected to be around 631 billion Lek, while the economic growth is 2.6%

The Assembly approved in a plenary session the State Budget for 2023 and the draft laws of the fiscal package accompanying it.

For 2023, revenues are expected to reach 631.7 billion Lek, while expenses will be 687.2 billion Lek. It is planned that in 2023 the economic growth will be 2.6%, from the 3.7% expected this year.

Three will be the main directions of next year’s draft budget, the strengthening of social protection systems, the guarantee of uninterrupted supply of electricity and no change in the price of electricity, as well as the continuation of investments in increasing the digital capacities of the economy and citizens.

The draft budget of 2023 foresees a significant increase in expenses for dealing with the effects of the crisis, about 50 billion Lek that will be allocated in the budget only for social support.

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