110th anniversary of Independence, Begaj: Albania should support the strengthening of Kosovo and always be united

10:45 28/11/2022

President Bajram Begaj delivered a speech at the ceremony that took place in Vlora this Monday on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Albania’s Independence. He congratulated all Albanians on Independence Day and said that it remains the greatest work of the Albanian nation. Begaj said that we should love the homeland with deeds and service as the ancestors would love.

“Albania’s independence was and remains a great work of the Albanian nation, of countless generations and patriots who, with historical responsibility in the days of great danger, implemented the centuries-old will of the people with great courage and foresight. It was the bravery of the Kosovar and all-Albanian boys who, with their heroism and endurance cultivated over the centuries, stood up for their country and demonstrated to the whole world the sanctity of freedom, language, homeland and their national identity”. said Begaj.

President Begaj and his message about everyone’s responsibility on this marked day, first of all the political class and institutions. According to him, we must be together for the development of the country, for the construction of the rule of law and for the strengthening and democratization of institutions. Also, Begaj emphasized that Albania’s responsibilities are great. He said that Albania should support the strengthening of the state of Kosovo in every direction whenever necessary.

“Nowhere better than in Vlora with the flag, and on this day, the message about the responsibility of everyone, and first of all the political class and institutions, cannot receive value. We must be together for the development of the country, for the construction of the rule of law, for the strengthening and democratization of institutions and the respect of every individual and the rights that originate from the constitution. We must be together in the fight against corruption, inequality and poverty; together on issues of national security and justice reform; together for a free, engaged and educated society; for an Albania of equal opportunities, free media, institutions that serve the citizens, and young people who find space and hope for their dreams and ideals to build their future in their native Albania.

Albania’s responsibilities are even greater than that. We have an obligation to strengthen the Albanian factor in the region. We have an obligation to our Albanian brothers in Kosovo, in North Macedonia, in Montenegro, in the Presheva Valley and in the diaspora in fulfilling our national and sacred obligations. We are united with them not only by the common language and history, but also by the national aspiration of European integration and the values ​​we share and witness for peace, coexistence, understanding and prosperity. We have sacrificed like no other nation in the region, but today Kosovo is a free and independent state, aiming for EU and NATO integration. Albania can and should support the strengthening of the state of Kosovo in every direction, be its voice whenever necessary; fellow traveler and steadfast supporter of its Euro-Atlantic journey”, said Begaj.

He called for the generations not to forget, to remember with gratitude their ancestors and to be filled with pride for the homeland, the flag and the national identity. After 110 years as an independent state, Begaj said that we are already witnessing the great changes that have taken place in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, the Balkans and Europe.

“We remember them to reflect on what we should do as individuals and society, for the further progress and prosperity of our homeland and nation because this flag and this land is the legacy of the ancestors, it is the belonging and responsibility of all of us”. he expressed.

“The Albanian nation has increasingly strengthened its positions and its deserved role by becoming a reliable factor and actor for peace, stability and good neighborliness in our region. Albania is a worthy member of NATO, the largest political and military alliance in the world, but also the largest alliance of values, democracy and prosperity. Albania is a trusted partner and ally of the USA, the EU, the United Kingdom and many other friendly countries in the world. While 110 years ago the fragmentation of the Albanian territories was discussed today, Albania as a temporary member of the UN Security Council plays an important role in maintaining peace, security and promoting democracy. It is focused on the strategic objective of EU integration as the best future and the safest path for Albania, the Albanian factor in the region and the entire region. At the beginning of December, for the first time, not only for our country, but for the entire region, the EU-Western Balkans summit will be held. This marks a great event and is a responsibility for the journey of Albania and Europe, it is a message of support and encouragement for all Albanians while at the same time encouraging an increased responsibility for the institutions and the political class for the continuation and deepening of reforms and the advancement of the European agenda. . Despite the achievements, we have a long way to go. What we must do first is to love the homeland with deeds, with service and idealism, just like the patriots we honor today”. said the president./broread