Berisha: Positive summit for Albania

00:07 01/12/2022

The opposition decided on the December 6 protest

The opposition is determined to protest on the boulevard on December 6, despite the fact that the police have not given them permission. From Unit 5, where he held a meeting with DP sympathizers, the leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, said that the protest is being held to show European friends that Rama is a thief and killer of the hope of Albanians.

Sali Berisha: We are in the square to protest against the sworn enemy, Edi Rama and his regime. We are not hiding anything here, on the contrary, we are coming out on the 6th to tell the EU leaders that this does not represent the Albanian people and that this is an enemy of democracy, an enemy of free voting. In the entire history, the future of Albanians has not been stolen more barbarically than Enver Hoxha and Edi Rama. On December 6, the one who calls himself Albanian, the one who feels himself Albanian, he cannot be anywhere else except in protest against Rama and his clique in power.

He considers the summit positive for Albania, as according to him, it ends Russia’s dream of expanding into the Balkans.

Sali Berisha: On December 6, all the leaders of the EU member states and those of the Western Balkans will gather here in Tirana. This is an honor for Albania, it is a geostrategic selection of historical importance, with which Europe tells Putin that Albania is our territory and forget if you have other ambitions. Even in this context, the summit is very welcome.

He invited the citizens from the districts to come to Tirana on December 5 and this to avoid the police blockades.

Sali Berisha: I invite you to do everything for the most massive presence that Tirana has known on the 6th. This one is terrified and has reason to be terrified, it can even block roads. Therefore, we invite, change the date of December 6, to open the doors of our houses to our friends who are from the districts to come to Tirana.

The head of the Democrats accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of having wasted public funds in the interest of the citizens.