Berisha: The protest of December 6, in the hands of the citizens

13:43 01/12/2022

Despite the authorities’ warnings, PD will not change the place of the protest on December 6, which has been announced to take place in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. In front of the Parliament, the chairman of the DP said that through the protest EU leaders will become familiar with the misgovernance and corruption of the “Rama” government.

Magnificent, magnificent! No, European leaders are not like Edi Rama. “European leaders are leaders elected by the free vote of their citizens, and they know that the rule of law originates from the free vote and the freedoms and rights of the citizens,” said Berisha.

Berisha said that the protest of December 6 will be in the hands of the citizens themselves, without giving details about the scenario.

“Now everything is in the hands of the protesters and the organizers. They will be placed insitu, but we don’t let go of the boulevard”, said Bersha.

PD has stated that the protest will be peaceful and has no intention of harming the security of the summit in Tirana.

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