December 6, Berisha: Rama canceled his day off, he was terrified that the administration would protest

18:35 01/12/2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared today that December 6 is not a day off, after the news that due to the EU-Western Balkans summit, this day would be a day off for the administration.

But the president of PD Sali Berisha says that the administration of Tirana was notified of a holiday, but Rama canceled this decision.

According to Berisha, the cancellation of the day off came as the administration was going to attend the opposition protest.

“You found out what he did. He canceled the day off for the administration because he was terrified that the administration might protest with us. I call on the administration to come to us. When he realized that the entire administration was going to pour into the square, he canceled it and said it was fake news, when they had all been notified.” declared Sali Berisha.

The DP chairman made these comments during a meeting with residents of Units 1 and 3 in the capital. /broread